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LiveJournal for Final Fantasy XI Gilgamesh.

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Monday, December 1st, 2008

Subject:If I might ask a question of the community....
Posted by:creepyfnord.
Time:12:38 am.
I played 11 for a very long time, but I dropped out during an overdose of hardcore overgaming. I've been out of it since just after PUP/COR/BST came out. I know about the new jobs and such, but what I was wondering is...

If I came back to the game today would the community aspects be much different? Are Gil Sellers a bigger problem, is there and overcrowding or undercrowding issue, those sorts of things, do you think the game has gotten better or worse in that time. I'm thinking of returning, btu would have to start over, i deleted my old character so would return as a noob, would it suck?
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Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Subject:im back! post! get friends to join!
Posted by:tsabusa.
Time:3:57 pm.
Mood: embarrassed.
hello wonderful citizens of vana d'iel! were back up!
id like to introduce me to you all.
im tsabusa. im a mithra out of san d'oria. whm42/blm20 is my current main until i can get enough gilz for my nin which is lvl uhhhhhh 18? maybe 15 i forget XD!! im also working on samwhich is lvl 8. i have a few LS's, TheNewBeginings, TsasArostocracy, and my own personal LS NewOrder and KillingJoke. you can usually catch me shouting obsenities in lower jeuno or helping n00bs in sandy. im generally lazy... im also engaged to my best freind in the game Evilone! yay for us! drop me a line if im on!

also im looking for someone to help me moderate this. make it look pretty and keep it up because im not internet savvy. ilook forward to talking to you and hope we can get this place boomin! ^^
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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005

Posted by:ladypoetess.
Time:9:02 pm.
Greetings! I just found several FFXI communites on LJ, and thought I'd introduce myself.

Character: Eirenne
Job/lvl: WAR38/MNK19
Race: Hume
Country: Bastok
Server: Gilgamesh

I'm part of the VanaDielGods linkshell - out of curiosity, anyone else from the LS here?

I am sloooowly working on lvl'ing, though I am more interested in my gardening project at the moment. (Kind of like Pikko's Pots, but all my own experiments.) I'm tracking seed type, day planted, moon phase at planting, crystal/day fed (x2, if possible/necessary), day harvested, moon phase at harvesting, pot used, and the yield. It keeps me busy. ^_^

Anyway, hello! If you are on Gilgamesh, send me a /tell

x-posted to ff11, finalfantasy11, and ff_xi_gilgamesh

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005

Subject:Hello Gilgamesh!
Posted by:_moonlyte.
Time:9:34 am.
Mood: excited.
Hey, I looked everywhere for a the gilgamesh server on LJ and I'm happy I found one. I'm Moonlyte on the game and I'm always looking for something to do on there so /tell me if you're bored as well. I've also got a linkshell [The Fifth Elementals] If you'd like to join contact either Moonlyte or Swiftedge. Or check out the website for more sackholders.

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

Subject:Hello Everyone!
Posted by:katta_ro.
Time:7:01 am.
Hey all! I finally found the Gilgamesh LJ community!!!


Well, I am coming back to the game soon after a break...

Need an LS, so maybe I'll hit ya up!

Rank 6

Hope to see some activity here in the community!
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Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Posted by:tsabusa.
Time:8:03 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
i gotta linkshell! linkshelllinkshelllinkshell!! and i got mad coooo people on it!
i see some funny stuff. like a guy chased by 6 orcs and an orcish stonechucker! lol so funny! but not when it happens to me.
so im working on my whm class cuz beating stuff up with my fists is getting old.

i have a new friend named gylfie who is like my child! hes just started so im helping him, aaaaand what does this cute lil red mage do? freekin runs off! and decideds to kill whatever he sees!! the rabbit hurt him tho. /slaps head
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LiveJournal for Final Fantasy XI Gilgamesh.

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You're looking at the latest 6 entries.