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im back! post! get friends to join!

hello wonderful citizens of vana d'iel! were back up!
id like to introduce me to you all.
im tsabusa. im a mithra out of san d'oria. whm42/blm20 is my current main until i can get enough gilz for my nin which is lvl uhhhhhh 18? maybe 15 i forget XD!! im also working on samwhich is lvl 8. i have a few LS's, TheNewBeginings, TsasArostocracy, and my own personal LS NewOrder and KillingJoke. you can usually catch me shouting obsenities in lower jeuno or helping n00bs in sandy. im generally lazy... im also engaged to my best freind in the game Evilone! yay for us! drop me a line if im on!

also im looking for someone to help me moderate this. make it look pretty and keep it up because im not internet savvy. ilook forward to talking to you and hope we can get this place boomin! ^^
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